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Rules and Expectations

Hello, and welcome to Digital Defiance.  The following rules and expectations are what is expected of all members regardless of rank or ability.

​1 - First and foremost, respect and politeness towards all players, both in guild and out.  We will not tolerate any derogatory remarks regarding anyone's race, religion, gender, sexual orienataion, etc...  This means no griefing, trolling, harassing, etc.  We expect our members to conduct themselves with decency.  At all times.  Anyone failing to meet this requirement will be removed from the guild.  Period.  It is the community that makes a game great and we expect our members to strive to make the community, and therefore, the game, great.

2 - Be social.  Say hello when you log in, and goodbye when you leave.  Guilds are about comradery and being apart of something fun.  You don't have to chat it up but it is expects that you will be somewhat social.  This is, after all, a social type of game and the more you put in the more you get out.  No penalty, except maybe the occasional friendly ribbing  but it will affect advancement (which will be outlined later).

3 - Absolutely no begging for platinum.  We are a friendly and helpful bunch but we all worked for what we have and expect the same from you.

4 - Attendance - After 90 days of inactivity on your character(s) you will be removed from the guild.  We understand that real life can sometimes throw us stuff we did not anticipate, and this is fine.  If you know ahead of time you will not be playing, let an officer or GM know and we will make note and keep you on the roster.  If you do get removed, and you would like to join again when you do return, this is of course welcomed.  Just send a tell or use the guild finder.

5 - Dungeon runs and events - are never mandatory, but strongly encouraged.  We would expect for all our members to attend at least one event a week.  If events are scheduled at times that you will never be able to attend please let an officer or GM know and we will do our best to accommodate you.  No penalty for non-attendance of events, but will affect advancement.  

6 - Add-Ons - there is only one mandatory add-on for all members and that is BiSCalendar which can be downloaded from - this way we can set up runs in game without the need to have members constantly check this site for posted events.  The installation of this add-on will also affect advancement.


    All recruits will be on a two week trial period to ensure that the above rules are being followed.  Once your application is approved and the officers and GM's see that you have accepted or declined at least one event through the calendar app, and you have in fact been social, you will be granted member status.  All promotions after that are based on attendance (both playing and attending events), attitude, helpfulness, etc.  The guild officers and GM's will review the roster once a week and promote as needed.  Basically just be nice and do what you can.  Knight Captain rank and above are reserved for exceptional players who show an outgoing attitude and willingness to do what is necessary to make this guild the absolute best it can be.

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